About Us

We own a small Christian-based business out of southwestern Virginia. It started out as an idea of “I wonder if I can do this?” Then it went to “Ok, I can…. What do I do with all the rest of the peppers?” Experimentation started and the Blackberry Pecan Hot Pepper Jelly was born.

The second year I started adding bible verses on each jar. There are different meanings behind the ones I chose. The majority come from studying, or from people that mean the most to me, and some are based on the peppers I used to make the jelly.

This is my 7th summer making all my jellies. I love to try different combinations of peppers and fruits. My kitchen in my happy place.

Now Offering:

Blueberry Pineapple
Pineapple Flamingo (Mango)
Blackberry Blueberry
Raspberry Flamingo
Peach Jalapeño
Raspberry Strawberry
Tomato Jalapeño
Yellow Tomato Haberano
Strawberry Pecan
Blackberry Pecan
Mixed-Berry Pecan
Blueberry Peach
Eye of the Storm
Dark Cherry Carolina Reaper